The Blue Umbrella


It is just another evening commute until the rain starts to fall, and the city comes alive to the sound of dripping rain pipes, whistling awnings and gurgling gutters.  And in the midst, two umbrellas—one blue, one not—fall eternally in love.

Standing out in a crowd, the Blue Umbrella bobs proudly above the rest to shield his owner from the rain. When Blue spots the beautiful and unique Red Umbrella, he does everything in his power to stay by her side. However, when Blue and Red's owners part ways, the city itself comes to life to help bring these two love-struck umbrellas back together.

The inspiration for "The Blue Umbrella" came from director Saschka Unseld strolling city streets and noticing that even the most inanimate objects had some sort of face or personality. Taking those in, he then crafted a story that literally breathes life into a vibrant city.