The creators of the beloved Toy Story films re-open the toy box and bring moviegoers back to the delightful world of our favorite gang of toy characters in Toy Story 3. As Andy prepares to depart for college, Buzz, Woody, and the rest of his loyal toys are troubled about their uncertain future. 

Toy Story 3 is a comical adventure that lands the toys in a room full of untamed tots who can't wait to get their sticky little fingers on these "new" toys. It's pandemonium as the toys try to stay together, ensuring that "no toy gets left behind."



Character Design 



Enough time had gone by that viewers needed a reintroduction to Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy’s toys. At the same time the filmmakers needed to give purpose and personality to the toys that would inhabit Bonnie’s world and the day care center, which included a plush pink villain.



Goodbye Andy

Accidental Toymakers


Woody is a cowboy sheriff who proclaims his signature catchphrases from the 1950s TV show Woody’s Roundup every time his pull-string is pulled. He’s always been Andy’s favorite toy. Even though his owner is now grown, the loyal sheriff Woody maintains a steadfast belief that Andy still cares about his toys.


Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is a heroic space ranger action figure, complete with laser beam, karate-chop action, and pop-out wings. Buzz is a boy’s dream toy who becomes a quick favorite of young Andy and the closest of buddies with Woody. While Buzz’s sole mission used to be defeating the evil Emperor Zurg, what he now cares about most is keeping his toy family together. Buzz’s new mission is sidetracked along the way, however, when his journey brings out surprising aspects of his personality even he didn’t know existed.



Lotso is a jumbo, extra-soft teddy bear with a pink and white plush body and a velvety purple nose. This lovable bear ranks fuzzy heads and shoulders above other teddy bears because he smells like sweet strawberries. With a smile that will light up your child’s face and a belly just asking to be hugged, Lotso Bear is sure to become a bedtime necessity. Stain resistant. Spot clean plush surface with a damp cloth.


Andy's Toys

Created to be loved by generations, Andy’s toys have features that feed imaginations: the beautiful stitching on Jessie and Bullseye can survive the roughest of play; the durable pieces of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? offer endless combinations; the tireless spring of Slinky? Dog keeps his stretch; the pose-able limbs of Rex give him different looks; Hamm holds an appetite for saving; and the collectible Aliens emit
mysterious calls. 



Grab your binoculars and join Ken on a safari! A swinging bachelor who's always on the lookout for fun, Ken sports the perfect outfit for his eco-adventure: light blue shorts and a leopard-print shirt with short sleeves sure to keep him cool in the hot sun. And after his exciting expedition, Ken will be ready to hit the dance floor in style. His accessories include a matching scarf, sensible loafers, and a fashion-forward gold belt. Dozens of additional Ken outfits
sold separately.



Saddle up for fun and let Buttercup lead your child away on a magical adventure. This cuddly unicorn features velvety-soft, snow-colored fur with sparkly gold and pink accents. He sports a signature mythical golden horn and a fun-to-comb mane and tail. Buttercup’s durable plastic eyes are both charming and scratch resistant. Hypoallergenic. Ages 3 and up.



Dolly is a soft and sweet dress-up rag doll, the perfect gift for any young child. Her floppy body and sunny smile will make her an irresistible new member of your family. Dolly has purple hair, googly eyes, and gently blushing cheeks. She comes with a pretty blue dress, but templates are included to create and sew your own custom outfits. Machine washable on gentle cycle.


Mr. Pricklepants

Frolic your afternoons away on woodland adventures with Mr. Pricklepants. This charming lederhosen-wearing hedgehog is from the Waldfreunde collection of premium imported plush toys. He may look prickly, but the plump and fuzzy Mr. Pricklepants is made strictly for cuddling. Hand wash and air dry. Restore fluffiness with fingers. Made in Germany.



Peas-in-a-Pod will quickly become a parent’s favorite on-the-go toy. The soft, plush pod secures the happy peas inside with a durable metal zipper, making it perfect for the car or stroller. The Peas-in-a-Pod plush toy also develops fine motor skills by catering to a child’s natural grab instinct. Pulling the three peas out of the pod will provide repeated enjoyment for infants and toddlers, and soon they’ll learn to put them back in! Machine washable.
Not for human consumption.


Big Baby

Your little one will love this lifelike baby doll with his soft, cuddly fabric body and vinyl arms, legs, and face. With dazzling blue eyes that open and close, this realistic baby encourages nurturing play. Eighteen inches tall, he comes dressed in an adorable yellow onesie with a matching bonnet and has his own magical bottle of milk that disappears while he drinks. A perfect first doll for your special child. Machine washable on gentle cycle. Flame retardant.



Chunk will rock your world. This gargantuan creature sports protective shoulder spikes, while his ferocious fists are ready to smash whatever enemy gets in his way. Chunk’s oversized limbs are fully pose-able, making him ready for hours of imaginative fun. As an added bonus, the press of a hidden head spike will spin Chunk's facial expression from friendly to fierce. No
batteries necessary.



Stretch is a fun-loving under-the-sea octopus friend who shines in glittery purple. Kids can count her eight rubbery legs and dozens of sticky suckers that are sure to stand up to rough-and-tumble play and extreme stretching. Toss her high on the wall and watch her climb her way down! Clean in mild soap solution to remove dust and lint.



Meet Twitch, the insectaloid warrior, where MAN + INSECT = AWESOME! This sturdy action figure stands over five inches tall, with more than 15 points of articulation, including ferocious chomping mandibles. Use his powerful wings and impenetrable exoskeleton to evade capture. Twitch is meticulously detailed and includes his signature magical battle staff and removable chest armor. For children ages 4 and up. Other insectaloid figures sold separately.



Sparks will fly—literally—during electrifying playtimes with your new robot friend Sparks! This retro-inspired toy has flashing red LED eyes and a blaster cavity that actually spits out real sparks when he’s rolled along on his sturdy rubber wheels. Sparks also sports telescoping arms with working pincers and an elevator action that raises his entire body to new heights. Sparking action completely child safe. Requires two AA batteries (not included).



Andy—Buzz and Woody’s kind, imaginative young owner—is now nearly 18 years old and just days away from heading to college. His bedroom walls, once covered with Buzz Lightyear posters, are now plastered with images of sports cars, rock bands, and skateboarders. Although Andy no longer brings his old toys out from the chest for playtime, he hasn’t been able to bring himself to get rid of them. With his imminent departure looming, and his mom's prodding, the time has come for Andy to decide the fate of his favorite toys.



Bonnie is a 4-year-old girl who goes to Sunnyside Daycare. Although shy when around many adults, she is full of energy and creativity. She loves to wear lots of textures and colors, like her pink tutu with yellow boots and a blue backpack. She's filled with imagination that helps her create endless new games and scenarios with her toys. She can never have too many toys because those that she has will always be loved, well cared for, and—best of all—played with. 


World Design 


The Life Of A Shot

Pixar Goes To Prison

Western Opening

From the beginning, the filmmakers had wanted a Western-themed opening for Toy Story 3. Taking a visual cue from the original wallpaper in Andy’s bedroom, the big blue sky provided the canopy for Woody’s heroic runaway train rescue set in the desert Southwest. But for the third cinematic Toy Story opening sequence, the Pixar team took the action majestically over the top with spaceships, dinosaurs, and a memorable Death by Monkeys finale.


The Landfill

The choice of a landfill for the climactic sequence fit director Lee Unkrich’s notion of Toy Story as a life-cycle trilogy. For the characters, the dump would be the equivalent of Dante’s Inferno: a grim, dehumanized landscape and final destination. Pixar artists studied real dumps to emulate, but they also heightened the elements to maximize the drama.

According to Lighting Art Director, Dice Tsutsumi, “The dump is the one scene out of all the Toy Story films that needs to feel absolutely real, believable, and scary.”


Andy's Room

By now Andy’s room has become an emblem of the Toy Story movies and of Pixar itself. The idyllic blue sky and white cloud wallpaper of Toy Story gives way to a galaxy of stars in Toy Story 2. For Toy Story 3, the artifacts on the walls, and even the more subdued sunlight streaming into the room, conveyed the realm of a teenager and the new problem facing the toys: Andy’s imminent departure for college.


Bonnie's Room

Bonnie’s room presented a major challenge for the Pixar team. They needed the audience to immediately like the new little girl character and relate to her own collection of toys. Bonnie’s room had to be viewed as a place of safety and imagination, where toys are cherished, respected, and played with. And they had to do all this without giving away the ending. While critical story elements would take place in Bonnie’s room, it had to be treated as a speed bump in Woody’s journey home.


Sunnyside Daycare

Sunnyside Daycare had to play two crucial roles in the film: a warm and welcoming environment one minute, an oppressive prison lockdown the next. Either way, the Pixar artists had to make Sunnyside always appear as a credible day care center. The crews took field trips to various child-care facilities in the Bay Area where they identified patterns in the organization and structure of bins. It also proved valuable in getting the child’s perspective. “Being there is great," said Production Designer Bob Pauley, "because you notice, wow…that chair’s tiny. Those toilets are tiny.”



For authenticity and inspiration, the Pixar team engaged in several field trips. With much of the film taking place at Sunnyside, the filmmakers toured multiple day care centers. Figuring that a day care center might feel like prison to a toy, they also took an outing to Alcatraz.

The Pixar team also spent hours scouring the local dump for angles. “The Ratatouille artists went to Paris. The Paris of Toy Story 3 is the dump. The Ratatouille crew got a better deal,” said Production Designer Bob Pauley.



A colorscript is a sequence of small pastel drawings or paintings used to emphasize color in each scene and establish a film's visual language.

“I embrace what John and everybody else had done for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 because both films are fantastic. As I studied the earlier movies, I found that so many elements of the art direction had a lot of thinking behind them. Those visuals aren’t the result of intuitive or arbitrary choices: the artists were thinking about how to best support the story,” said Art Director
Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi.




Lee Unkrich  

Darla K. Anderson

John Lasseter

Nicole Paradis Grindle

John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Lee Unkrich

Michael Arndt

Randy Newman

Jason Katz

Ken Schretzmann

Bob Pauley

Guido Quaroni

Michael Warch
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Jeremy Lasky

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William Reeves

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Robert Kondo

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Tom Myers

Chris Montan

Tom MacDougall

Paul Cichocki

Beatrice De Luca, Marc S. Greenberg

Kevin Reher, C.S.A
Natalie Lyon, C.S.A


Tom Hanks

Buzz Lightyear
Tim Allen

Joan Cusack

Ned Beatty

Mr. Potato Head
Don Rickles

Michael Keaton

Wallace Shawn

John Ratzenberger

Mrs. Potato Head
Estelle Harris

John Morris

Jodi Benson

Emily Hahn

Andy's Mom
Laurie Metcalf

Slinky Dog
Blake Clark

Chatter Telephone
Teddy Newton

Bud Luckey

Beatrice Miller

Spanish Buzz
Javier Fernández-Pe?a

Mr. Pricklepants
Timothy Dalton

Bonnie's Mom
Lori Alan

Young Andy
Charlie Bright

Kristen Schaal

Jeff Garlin

Bonnie Hunt

John Cygan

Jeff Pidgeon

Whoopi Goldberg

Jack Angel

R. Lee Ermey

Jan Rabson

Erik Von Detten

Charlie Bright, Amber Kroner, Brianna Maiwand

Jack Willis  




Winner of 1UP's 2010 Game of the
Year Award for Best Family Game:
Disney Interactive Studios

Academy Awards
Winner for Animated Feature Film
Lee Unkrich

Winner for Music (Original Song)
Randy Newman

Nominated for Best Picture
Darla Anderson

Nominated for Sound Editing
Tom Myers and Michael Silvers

Nominated for Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
Michael Arndt
Story by John Lasseter,
Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich

Alliance of Women Film Journalists
Winner of Excellent Dynamic
Activism Award for Best Animated Film

American Cinema Editors
Winner of Eddie Award for Best
Edited Animated Feature Film
Ken Schretzmann & Lee Unkrich, A.C.E

American Film Institute
Top Ten Movies of the Year

Annie Awards
Nominated for Best Animated Feature

Nominated for Best Directing:
Lee Unkrich

Nominated for Best Screenplay:
Michael Arndt

AOL Moviefone
50 Best Movies of 2010 - #1

Austin Film Critics Association
Winner for Best Animated Feature
Top 10 Films of 2010 - #4

Boston Society of Film Critics
Winner for Best Animated Film
Runner-up for Best Picture

British Academy of Film and Television Arts
Winner for Animated Film
Lee Unkrich

Nominated for Adapted Screenplay
Michael Arndt

Nominated for Special Visual Effects

Broadcast Film Critics Association
Winner of Critics' Choice Movie Award
for Best Animated Feature

Nominated for Critics' Choice Movie
Award for Best Picture

Nominated for Critics' Choice Movie Award
for Best Adapted Screenplay

Nominated for Critics' Choice Movie
Award for Best Sound

Nominated for Critics' Choice
Movie Award for Best Song:
"We Belong Together" -
performed and written by Randy Newman

Central Ohio Film Critics Association
Winner for Best Animated Film

Runner-Up for Best Adapted Screenplay
Michael Arndt

Best Films - #5

Chicago Film Critics Association
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Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay
Michael Arndt

Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association
Winner for Best Animated Film
Top 10 films

eDIT 13 Filmmaker's Festival
Festival Honors: Pixar

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Golden Globe Awards
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Winner for Best Score Soundtrack Album for
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Randy Newman, composer

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Nominated for Hollywood
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Ken Schretzmann and Lee Unnkrich, A.C.E

Nominated for Outstanding Sound — Feature Film:
Tom Myers, Michael Silvers
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Houston Film Critics Society
Winner for Best Animated Feature Film
Nominated for Best Picture

Nominated for Best Screenplay
Michael Arndt (Story by John Lasseter,
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Producers Guild of America Awards
Winner for Outstanding Producer
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Darla K. Anderson

Nominated for Darryl F. Zanuck Award for
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Darla K. Anderson