It takes a will of steel to hide your superhero talents from a world that still needs you, yet no longer appreciates what you can do. Battling a bulging belly and a boring job, Mr. Incredible longs for the glory days of upholding law and order while his superhuman family tries to fit in with their "normal" life. Relief from quiet suburbia finally comes years later, when the family uncovers a diabolical plan and must bring together their respective strengths to save the day.




Character Design


The Superpowers

The Parr family's superpowers were based on their personalities. As a dad, Bob had to be the strong one, and mom Helen had to handle being pulled in all directions. Violet, the insecure teen, doesn’t want people to look at her, while Dash represents a typical hyperactive boy. And baby Jack-Jack is all about undiscovered potential.




Building Humans



Mr. Incredible

Once the best-known, most popular superhero alive, Bob Parr is now fifteen years older and is bolder and heavier. As a claims adjuster at possibly the world’s worst insurance company, Insuricare, the former Mr. Incredible’s heroics are limited to helping people navigate the intricacies of the appeals system. Bob’s unhappiness has taken a toll and he and his family have become disconnected. Bob thinks the best years of his life are in the past, but what he will discover is that his family is his greatest adventure.



Helen Parr, the former super-stretching superhero, has adjusted to normal life quite well, and is busily focused on caring for her three children. While she occasionally uses her amazing ability to stretch to meet the daily challenges of modern motherhood, she is careful to do so only behind the closed doors of their suburban home. She misses the old days, but doesn’t dwell on those times as she has a wonderful family and is quite happy to spend her time with them. She only wishes Bob would do the same.



At age ten, Dash seems to be moving even when standing still. Full of restless energy, he has the power of super-speed – a power so useful for playing pranks that he has difficulty keeping it in check. Dash doesn’t understand why superheroes should hide their powers – why would they have them if they weren’t supposed to use them?



Violet Parr is, in many ways, a typical shy, insecure teenage girl stuck at the crossroads between child and woman. She, like her parents and brother Dash, has special powers, and it seems only right that hers allow her to turn invisible and protect herself with a secure force field. For what would be better for an awkward young woman but to be able to disappear from her problems at a moments notice? Especially for someone who desperately wants to be like everybody else, normal, but truly isn’t.



Syndrome wasn’t born with superpowers, but envied the attention and admiration the Supers received. Of all the Supers, Mr. Incredible embodied everything Syndrome desired: strength, fame, and popularity. Highly intelligent and cunning, Syndrome now spends his days on a remote island on the other side of the world inventing gadgets and robots to carry out a diabolical plot.


Edna "E" Mode

Brilliant and successful, Edna Mode got her start in the industry as the world’s leading superhero costume designer. With her now-mature sense of design, she remains the top designer in the field, taking her clothing designs to Milan, Paris and other internationally important fashion centers. However, E longs for the return of the superheroes, for a real design challenge, so she can fuse the latest technology with her impeccable fashion sense and unfurl her incredible creations for the adoring public.



Jack-Jack is the black sheep of the family. He is nearly two years old, and it seems the only thing incredible that he can do is jabber in gibberish. He’s very good at that— as well as throwing food at dinnertime. Hey, that’s what being a baby is all about! But who knows, maybe someday…He is an Incredible after all…



Lucius Best used to be known as the coolest superhero on the planet – and not just because he was best friends with Mr. Incredible. His style, wit and attitude made Frozone, as he was known then, the hippest of the lot. Of course his powers made him cool too, literally. Lucius’ ability to create ice from moisture in the air,  and then travel on it with his special boots, made him the envy of every gadget-loving little boy. Lucius knows the old days are done and there’s no going back, so he doesn’t try to relive the past. But he knows Bob still wants to, and he tries to help him adjust in any way he can.



Syndrome's mysterious love interest might be drawn to power, but she quickly learns the consequences when power is in the wrong hands.



The ultimate robot in the Omnidroid family, the Omnidroid 1000 was custom designed by Syndrome to defeat Mr. Incredible. The only problem: Omnidroid has a mind of its own.


Gilbert Huph

Patrolling the cubicles of Insuricare, it’s Gilbert Huph’s job to make work as drab and unfulfilling as possible, especially when an underling like Bob Parr towers over him.


 World Design


The Future

The world of The Incredibles evokes the future as imagined in the early 1960s. Pixar designers found inspiration in television shows like Jonny Quest, the early James Bond pictures, and Walt Disney’s original Tomorrowland.


Set Design


Building Extras


The Sound Of The Incredibles

Filled with a fantastic array of futuristic gadgets, devices, and vehicles, The Incredibles required the Pixar team to come up with sounds for things that never existed. One sequence featured Dash being chased by Velocipads. "No one knew how a Velocipad should sound," recalls sound designer Randy Thom, “but they had to sound dangerous.” Adds Thom, “I had to fabricate more new sounds for The Incredibles than any other film I’ve ever worked on.”



New Family

Pixar had already established itself with a string of innovative and successful films when John Lasseter decided to add new blood. Brad Bird had already created the highly regarded Iron Giant when he came on board, bringing with him an idea about a family of superheroes. For the film that would become The Incredibles, the team enlisted prolific composer Michael Giacchino, who became another valued member of the Pixar family.


The Parr Home

Adhering to the early 1960s theme, the Parr home is a study in mid-century architecture with some odd futuristic twists, like the washing machine with a clear plastic dome, and a TV that mashes a contemporary wide screen with a vintage console. Though the house is comfortable in most respects, the filmmakers still needed it to suggest that it was an imperfect fit for the extraordinary family. As technical director Rick Sayre puts it, “Bob is a superhero stuck in his own suburban fortress of solitude.”



Crafting a supervillain’s lair gave the creative team a broader canvas to work with. At first glance it had to be an island paradise, then little by little reveal its sinister aspects.

“Each character sees the island from their own perspective,” explains Story Supervisor Mark Andrews.“Bob uses his strength and knocks out a guard with a coconut. Helen sees the island in a more stealthy way. For the kids, who haven’t been allowed to use their superpowers, the island is a trial by fire, particularly with Dash being chased and having to finally use his
super speed."


E's Lair

"When we started to design E’s house we knew we wanted it to be very modern and minimalist," says Production Designer Lou Romano. "But we also wanted to incorporate superhero elements as well that would tie in with E’s past work as a hero costume designer. We went to Greek mythology and art for inspiration and specifically focused on anything to do with gods and heroes – the true superheroes of that time. Featuring that ancient art seemed fitting as a comment on superheroes in the world of the film, forgotten and in decay."



A colorscript is a sequence of small pastel drawings or paintings used to emphasize color in each scene and establish a film's visual language.

Lou Romano created his colorscript for The Incredibles with the 1960s sensibilities that infused the rest of the film. Romano’s technique was to“create these shapes that basically told the story in color,” says Character Designer Teddy Newton. “I really took a lot of inspiration from these colorscripts.” The filmmakers paid homage to Romano’s “basic shapes” in crafting the kinetic 2D end credit sequence.




Academy Awards 2004
Winner for Animated Feature Film
Brad Bird

Winner for Sound Editing
Michael Silvers
Randy Thom

Nominated for Sound Mixing
Randy Thom
Gary A. Rizzo
Doc Kane

Nominated for Writing (Original Screenplay)
Brad Bird

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy &
Horror Films Saturn Award 2004/2005

Winner for Best Animated Film

Nominated for Best Writer
Brad Bird

Nominated Best DVD Special
Edition Release 2005

Nominated for Best Music
Michael Giacchino

American Cinema Editors Eddie Award 2005
Nominated for Best Edited Feature Film
Stephen Schaffer

Annie Awards 2004
Winner for Writing in an Animated Feature
Brad Bird

Winner of Character Design in
an Animated Feature
Tony Fucile

Winner for Directing in
an Animated Feature
Brad Bird

Winner for Music in an
Animated Feature
Michael Giacchino

Winner for Production Design
in an Animated Feature
Lou Romano

Winner for Storyboarding in
an Animated Feature
Kevin O'Brien

Nominated for Storyboarding
in an Animated Feature
Ted Mathot

Winner of Voice Acting in
an Animated Feature
Brad Bird

Winner for Animated Effects
Martin Ngyuen

Winner for Best Animated Feature

Winner for Best Character Animation
Angus MacLane

Nominated for Character Animation
John Kahrs

Nominated for Character Animation
Peter Sohn

Nominated for Character Animation
Kureha Yokoo

Nominated for Character Design in
an Animated Feature
Teddy Newton

Nominated for Voice Acting in
an Animated Feature
Samuel L. Jackson

Ars Electronica Award of Distinction 2005
Winner of Computer Animation / Visual Effects
Brad Bird

Art Directors Guild & Scenic, Title & Graphic Artists
Nominated for Production
Design for a Fantasy Film
Lou Romano

Austin Film Critics Association 2009
Nominated for Best Movie
of the Decade: Ranked 8 of 10

British Academy of Film and Television Arts 2005
Winner of BAFTA Children's Award
Feature Film
John Walker
Brad Bird

Broadcast Film Critics Association 2004
Nominated for Best Composer
Michael Giacchino

Nominated for Best Popular Movie

Winner of Best Animated Feature

Winner of BMI Film Music Award
Michael Giacchino

Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association 2005
Winner of Best Animated Feature

Empire Award
Nominated for Best Film

Flanders International Film Festival 2005
Winner of World Soundtrack Award
Michael Giacchino

Florida Film Critics Circle
Winner of Best Animation

Fox Teen Choice Award 2005
Nominated for Animated / Computer Generated

Golden Globe Awards 2005
Nominated for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

Golden Trailer 2005
Winner of Best Animation / Family
Nominated for Best Comedy

Grammy Awards 2005
Nominated for Best Score Soundtrack Album
Michael Giacchino

Nominated for Best Instrumental Composition
Michael Giacchino

Winner for Best Instrumental Arrangement
Gordon L. Goodwin, Arranger

Hollywood Reporter 2005
Winner for Key Art Award Teaser Trailer

Winner for Outstanding Advertising
Bus Shelter Ad

Winner for Spacial Recognition Print

Winner for Best Copy Line:
'No Gut, No Glory'

Winner for Co-Branded Audiovisual:
The Incredibles/SBC 'Speed'

Institut National de l'Audiovisuel 2005
Winner of Grand Prix Imagina
Winner for Prize for Best Feature Film
Brad Bird

International Press Academy 2005
Winner of Best Motion Picture,
Animated or Mixed Media

Nominated for Best Original Score
Michael Giacchino

Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards 2004
Winner of Best Animated Film

Las Vegas Film Critics Society.
Sierra Award 2004

Winner of Best Score
Michael Giacchino

Winner of Best Animated Film

London Critics Circle Film ALFS Award
Nominated as Screenwriter
of the Year
Brad Bird

Los Angeles Film Critics
Association LAFCA Award 2004

Winner of Best Music Score
Michael Giacchino

Winner of Best Animation
Brad Bird
John Walker

Motion Picture Sound Editors
Winner of Best Sound
Editing in Feature Film

Supervising Sound Editor
Michael Silvers
Randy Thom

Supervising Foley Editor
Suzanne Fox

Sound Effects Editors
Terry Eckton, MPSE
Kyrsten Mate
E.J. Holowicki

ADR Editor
Steve Slanec

Foley Editor
Al Nelson

Music Editor
Stephen M. David

MTV Movie Award 2005
Nominated for Best On-Screen Team
Craig T. Nelson,
Holly Hunger,
Spencer Fox and Sarah Vowell

Nominated for Best Movie

National Board of Review 2004
Winner of Best Animated Feature

New York Film Critics Circle 2004
Winner of Best Animated Film

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award 2005
Winner of Favorite Movie

Online Film Critics Society OFCS Award 2005
Winner for Best Original Score
Michael Giacchino

Winner of Best Animated Feature

Nominated for Best Screenplay
Brad Bird

Nominated for Best Picture

People's Choice Awards 2005
Nominated for Favorite Animated Movie

Phoenix Film Critics Society 2004
Winner of Best Animated Film

Rotten Tomatoes 2004
Best Reviewed Film of 2004 in Wide Release

San Diego Film Critics Society
Winner of Best Animated Film

Seattle Film Critics 2004
Winner Best Animated Film

Spacey Award 2005
Best Animated Movie

ASCAP Award 2005
Winner Top Box Office Films
Michael Giacchino

The World Science Fiction Society
Winner of Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form
Brad Bird

Visual Effects Society Award 2005
Winner of Outstanding Performance by an
Animated Character

Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible:
Craig T. Nelson, Bill Wise,
Bill Sheffler, Bolhem Bouchiba

Wall Street Journal
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
Best Movie of the Year

Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards
Winner of Best Animated Film

Young Artist Awards Young Artist Award 2005
Nominated for Best Performance in
a Voice-Over Role-Young Artist
Spencer Fox

Winner of Best Family Feature Film




Brad Bird

John Walker

John Lasseter

Kori Rae

Michael Giacchino

Mark Andrews

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Rick Sayre

Lou Romano

Tony Fucile, Teddy Newton

Tony Fucile, Steven Clay Hunter, Alan Barillaro

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Randy Thom

Mary Hidalgo, Kevin Reher, Matthew Jon Beck

Jen Rudin, C.S.A.


Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible
Craig T. Nelson

Helen Parr / Elastigirl
Holly Hunter

Dashiell Parr (Dash)
Spencer Fox

Violet Parr
Sarah Vowell

Lucius Best / Frozone
Samuel L. Jackson

Buddy Pine / Syndrome
Jason Lee

Edna Mode (E)
Brad Bird

Bomb Voyage
Dominique Louis

Newsreel Narrator
Teddy Newton

Mrs. Hogenson
Jean Sincere

Jack-Jack Parr
Eli Fucile, Maeve Andrews

Gilbert Huph
Wallace Shawn

Bernie Kropp
Lou Romano

Wayne Canney

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